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We help your products find markets in the Baltic States and Europe.
We will help you find orders for your services, specialty production.
We are creating a your company representative office, a branch.

 Partners - suppliers.

By concluding the cooperation / representation agreement with the suppliers, our company undertakes to find the strippers delivered to the product

And in this case, we only calculate a one-off commission for the work done. We are discussing the size of the Commission by entering into a specific Treaty.

Thus, we remove the burden from the supplier, pay commission after each delivery.

The appropriate commission is paid at the time of the first delivery.

All further relations with the buyer are handled by the supplier with each other, directly, without intermediaries.

 Partners - buyers.

By entering into a cooperation / representation agreement with buyers, our company undertakes to find a supplier for the product that is needed by the buyer.

And in this case, we only calculate a one-off commission for the work done. We are discussing the size of the Commission by entering into a specific Treaty. The fee is divided into two parts, which are stipulated in the contract.

Thus, we facilitate the work of our client, not price the goods.

All further relationships with the supplier are handled by the buyer, directly, without intermediaries.

Free assets.

Today's problem is free money.

Unfortunately, free resources are only about 32% of the planet's inhabitants. 2% of those lucky ones do not cause any problems, as their resources are managed by economists and managers specifically hired for this purpose. What can not be said about the remainder. Of course, some invest their free funds through bank brokers, others invest in deposits. Whatever the way, but to some extent it is a safe and sound method. 4% free of charge invests in their business, starting up or developing existing ones, but only 0.2% doing it successfully. 1% of their free funds simply spend, because they do not have the value of these funds. And only 3% of their free funds invest in successful projects.

What is free assets? It is any amount of money that remains beyond all spending. For many, such a surplus provokes panic, because any unnecessary financial resources are like Satan, which does not bring peace of mind to this amount until it is spent. But how is it spent? Basically buying absolutely unnecessary things, because for "" necessary "this surplus is too small. Also for bank deposits this amount is small. And here's the cause of panic.

Today, a bank deposit ranges from 0.5 to 1.5% per annum, with various restrictions. You must not withdraw a deposit earlier, only a percentage payment at the end of the term. As a result, such a "measure" becomes disadvantageous. But every wise person understands that money has to work, and only that way this money multiplies. You can play on the stock exchange, but in today's changing environment, the opportunities to get is as great as losing. Realistically, the biggest and safest investment is investment. Of course, provided the projects are successful and promising.

Our company has long been engaged in the management of our customers' free resources. We have developed a number of profitable projects. Several projects have already gone international. Our projects provide a profit of up to 24% per year, but not less than 9%. In some cases, the annual percentage is even higher.

What is the key to our success? Everything is elementary - we invest and manage your funds in city-forming companies. This means that the project is socially secured, it has a high proportion of assets. Even if, for some reason, the project itself suffers losses, it is rebutted by assets consisting of real estate, a socially insured environment, with the possibility of quick and flexible redistribution without any loss. In addition, the investor can be both active and passive. The active investor may be on the board of directors, promote the development of companies, and develop their own individual business. The passive investor can receive his interest as an additional income without participating in the project activity.

We even stand over politics and we are just about doing a successful business. In this regard, we help build joint ventures, export companies outside economically disadvantaged zones of sanctions. Everything happens within the law.

Everyone has the opportunity to evaluate who he is - a successful, profitable person, or a temporary financial holder with a tendency towards stagnation and dispossession. The lucky ones will more and more choose us and ours. We also offer you our services. Please note that you do not have to pay for our services. We collect payment from the implementation of the project, which is like a guarantee that the projects are researched, calculated and found to be successful, that allows you to earn both the project designer, for both you, and us.

We will be glad if you contact us and even happier if you choose our community based services.

Together, we can make the world a little better.

All partners

If you're not confident in your partner honesty, we can carry out a full and rapid test. Unfair partners, fraudsters will be automatically placed on our "blacklist." This list is regularly visited by a large number of our visitors and partners.

We offer how to create a service, your company's strategy and planning that will help your business grow. We analyze the risks, we recommend optimal.

On a day-to-day basis, working in your own business, you begin to stagnate and often do not see the shortest and most effective way of growth. Therefore, our view from the edge will give you the right direction.

We are glad if you suc ceed!

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