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Water covers about 71% of Earth's surface. Water is all about, so it's probably the most important fluid in the world. It is known that all known life forms require water (except some types of bacteria), and life is believed to have occurred directly in the water. In order to maintain life, one person should drink about 1-2 liters of water per day, not counting what he takes with food. People who suffer from hunger require a lot more water. Lack of freshwater is the most serious problem encountered by mankind. More than one billion people live in unsatisfactory sanitary conditions, where no high quality drinking water is available. Low-quality water is the cause of many epidemics. 

Our company, in co-operation with the water producer, "Kara─╝avoti", offers special water in special, ─╝special packaging.

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If you would like to place an order, please send an LOI specifying:
1) the type of packaging
2) quantity
2) Buyer's data and contact details.

Different food products

We offer a variety of food products from the factory.

 All kinds of oil products ...

We offer petroleum products. We send out to interested parties the necessary set of documents which will be obligatory. We cooperate with one of the largest Russian oil extraction and processing companies. Only respond to a request in the form of LOI.

 We offer lumber

Siberian pine, larch.
Different sizes, dried.
Delivery to Europe through the port of Kaliningrad.
Prices are set for each order individually.
Interested please send LOI.


Our customers are diverse and have different interests. If you have something to offer, send us real offers.

For real vendors, please send official offers, indicating the supplier, price, quantity, delivery method.

We conclude a long-term agency agreement.

We place scammers on a blacklist.

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