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Our company was founded in 2013.

Despite the company's young age, it is highly experienced as it brings together people and companies with a wealth of experience in the field of international brokerage, investment and advisory, strategy and planning, security services for fifteen years.
During this time, many contacts have been established, there are many real and world-famous clients. Creating the company's ZIEDSPARNI was based on the pooling of individual participants' individual experiences, which ensure full-fledged work, maximum results, a wider range of clients and partners. Our partners have appreciated our work.

ZIEDSPARNI the company's operating objectives: to help producers and marketers find each other, to promote the export and import. As one of the main goals in the near future - the development of exports of Latvian manufacturers' products to different countries of the world.

Even the company ZIEDSPARNI is engaged in business consulting, investment management, business strategy and planning development, business analysis, optimization, extension, human resource analysis, personnel audit, selection, security services.

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